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Kuo, Jennifer. (2018). A large-scale smartphone-based sociophonetic study of Taiwan Mandarin. Asia-Pacific Language Variation, 4(2), p. 197–230.

Kuo, Jennifer. (2020). Evidence for base-driven alternation in Tgdaya Seediq. M.A. thesis. UCLA.

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Kuo, Jennifer. (in prep). "Evidence for base-driven alternation in Tgdaya Seediq."

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Kuo, Jennifer. (2023). Evidence for prosodic correspondence in the vowel alternations of Tgdaya Seediq. Phonological Data and Analysis 5(3), p. 1-31.

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Elkins, Noah and Kuo, Jennifer. (2023). A prominence account of the Northern Mam weight hierarchy. Supplemental Proceedings of the 2022 Annual Meeting on Phonology.

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[to appear] Kuo, Jennifer. "Phonological reanalysis is guided is guided by markedness: the case of Malagasy weak stems." Phonology.

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Kuo, Jennifer. (2023). Phonological markedness effects in reanalysis. PhD dissertation. UCLA.

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Grabowski, Emily and Kuo, Jennifer. (2023). Comparing k-means and OPTICS clustering algorithms for identifying vowel categories. Proceedings of the LSA 2023, (8)1, 5488.

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Kuo, Jennifer. (in prep). "Phonetic naturalness in the reanalysis of Samoan thematic consonant alternations."

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Introduction to General Phonetics (LING 103)

Undergraduate course, UCLA, 2021

Phonology 1 (LING 4401/6401)

Graduate course, Cornell University, 2023

Introduction to Phonetics and Phonology (LING 3302)

Undergraduate course, Cornell University, 2024